Dublin Crew Safety Guidelines

Safety is a priority for Dublin Crew rowers, parents, coaches, and observers. Many accidents take place because uninformed decisions are made before leaving the boathouse or because of carelessness during practices and regattas. Weather and water conditions, time of day, equipment, and supervision are all critical components that must be considered not only for a safe training session but a safe season.


Safety Committee

Dublin Crew safety committee develops and annually reviews all the safety rules, protocols and procedures.  Members of the safety committee serve liaise with the Dublin Crew Board and give periodic updates on incidents and other safety issues. The safety committee will assist in monitoring and reporting on rower water safety, club equipment, and club facilities.

Personnel Responsibilities

All participants in rowing and sculling, including coxswains, should receive proper instruction in watermanship and technique, including capsize drills, from a coach. No one should put him, or  herself, or others at risk when on the water. This applies particularly to novices.


The following documents are available:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Dublin Crew Safety Guide Fall 2013 v3″]

All rowers must complete a Swim Test per Dublin Crew Policies.  Those who cannot attain a satisfactory result per our written policy must wear a life vest at all times (no exceptions) while on the water.

Dublin Crew Safety Checklists Quick Guide (original .htm version – this is a web-page)

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[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Dublin Crew Incident Report Form”]

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Griggs reservoir map for Crew August 2017″]