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Special feature: Drone video footage from Speakmon

A work colleague of mine, Peter Emmett, has his own photography business on the side (http://www.emmett-photography.com/). His daughter is friends with some rowers in the women’s Novice 8.

Peter has a drone and took it to Speakmon and put together this video. It’s a view of the race most of us have never seen. Here’s my rough time breakdown:

0:00 – 1:25  Singles, doubles, and paris rowing up. Is that our women’s varsity 4 I spy on the left, racing down?
1:25 –  1:55  Fun circling a launch
1:55 – 2:35  The women’s novice 8 rowing up (in costume)
2:35 – 3:05  Fun with overhead slow-mo
3:05 – end  Race time!

Enjoy the view! And thank you, Peter!

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