Donate to help us “Fill the Boats” for 2017

“Getting into the best shape of my life. Overcoming personal limitations. Becoming a dedicated teammate. Learning the value of teamwork. Building lifelong relationships. Achieving amazing feats.”

Whether at practice on the Scioto River, inside the tent between races at a regatta, or after 2ks in the Erg Room in Dublin, these words from the athletes who have proudly worn the Dublin Crew uniform over the years describe what the sport of rowing means to them.


In this season of giving, now is the time to support the sustainability of this 25+ year rowing tradition – based on inspiring and enabling our members to achieve excellence in the sport of rowing and in life. FILL THE BOATS is an ongoing fundraising initiative to ensure that Dublin Crew athletes have the necessary equipment to pursue this tradition. Campaigns in previous years have led to the purchase of 4 4’s, an 8, a new launch motor, and blades. This year we are looking to raise capital to purchase a pair shell (roughly $12,500).

Donations are 100% tax deductible and go toward the purchase of capital equipment. To donate, do one of these things:
1) Write a check or use your bank’s electronic bill payment to Dublin Crew, PO Box 764, Dublin, OH 43017, with “Fill the Boats 2017” in the memo field
2) Go to and click the + next to “Make a Donation” at the bottom of the page, and fill out the form and subsequent PayPal link
3) If your company has a corporate matching program, consider donating through them, again specifying “Fill the Boats 2017” in the appropriate field

All amounts are welcome from any source, including places of employment, your extended family and friends, and other individuals interested in supporting the sport of rowing. If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Dublin Crew Board. Thank you for helping to carry on the tradition of Dublin Crew!